by Karen & David

We are the owners of 'The Nest at Winnall' and we moved here to the beautiful Severn Valley six years ago.  We are both lovers of lots of space and fresh air, and so decided to make a lifestyle change to a slower pace of life.  Although David still commutes for about two hours a day, he says its worth it when he opens the curtains on weekend mornings!


Our move was also fuelled by the desire to let our two boys roam free and have more of an adventurous childhood amongst fields, woodland and nature.  A new life in the country brought with it the inevitable introduction of animals into the family. Until recently we had four chickens (Margo, Belle, Grace & Pearl), however not-so Fantastic Mr Fox claimed them, so we're planning on more in Spring.  We do have two cats (Bonnie & Clyde), and no doubt this list will continue to grow!  Our cats are very friendly, and our chickens produced the most amazing bright yellow free-range eggs.


David loves chopping wood, cookingtackling the garden, mountain biking and a nice pale ale. Karen loves baking cakes & bread, making jam & chutney, growing vegetables, devouring books, upcycling and a cheeky gin.  As a family we are often walking, biking, having friends over, watching films and enjoying meals out - when we're not dashing around between swimming clubs, scouts, basketball and drum lessons...  So much for a more relaxed pace of life!



 The cottage, which is joined to the main house, was in a very poor state of repair when we bought the house and land. It has always been a dream of Karen's to own and run a unique holiday retreat.  So we put all our efforts into restoring the cottage and re-naming it 'The Nest' - to reflect this welcoming, luxurious and secluded place, with all its home comforts.  Our aim is to look after you, our visitors, so that you can come and relax, enjoy, and have the best possible holiday, whilst spending precious time together.


We can't wait to meet you and your family, and welcome you here soon. 


© Nest at Winnall 2020