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Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

As a short-term accommodation provider, we are acutely aware of how important it is to make sure The Nest at Winnall is cleaned safely, particularly in the context of the recent past.  Despite coming out of the pandemic, we are still committed to maintaining our responsibility to ensure the safety of guests and staff, with regard to any infectious or contagious diseases. Needless to say, we believe it is better to be safe than sorry.  The following outlines the enhanced cleaning protocols we continue to implement, in order to put your mind at ease before and during your stay with us.


What We Already Do:

  • We already undertake an extremely high standard of cleaning and this is regularly commented upon by guests in our visitors book and online reviews, all of which are publicly available. But of course since 2020 we have been even more vigilant than normal.

  • Every clean is checked personally by the owner before guests arrive at The Nest.

  • We already prepare the area to be cleaned once guests depart: waste, dirty linen & towels are removed and any initial cleaning is carried out (ie loading dishwasher, clearing out fridge, clearing surfaces, etc). Rubbish/waste is placed in plastic bags, tied, removed from The Nest and disposed of in an external bin.

  • Obviously fresh bed linen, towels, flannels, teatowels & a dishcloth are provided for every guest.


Our Continued Commitment

  • Our cleaning hours allow for thorough deep cleaning and full airing of the property.

  • All crockery/cutlery/glassware is thoroughly checked for cleanliness and put through the dishwasher again if necessary.

  • All bed linen (cotton), towels, make-up cloths, teatowels & dishcloths are washed on a full 60° wash cycle.

  • All mattress encasement, waterproof covers, duvet and pillow protectors are changed after each guest and washed on a full 60° wash cycle.

  • Each room is cleaned with fresh cloths, to minimise the spread of any possible virus/infection.

  • We keep a detailed health & safety file listing all cleaning products used and for what purpose, all previous cleaning & maintenance schedules/checklists for The Nest and all risk assessments.

  • All non-disposable cleaning materials (mop heads, dusters, cloths, etc ) are washed on a full 60°  wash cycle after every use.

  • We provide guests with cloths, disposable gloves & antibacterial /virucidal surface cleaner for hard surfaces ONLY (ie. Please DO NOT spray this on fabric or soft furnishings).  Please do not bring your own bleach-based cleaning products, as bleach should not be used in our septic tank system.  

  • We provide antibacterial handwash & tissues at all sinks.

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