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Travel Cots 

& Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

We want to make sure the environment at The Nest is especially safe and secure for our youngest guests. Whilst we do not wish to unduly alarm you, we feel it is important that all guests are aware of potential risks associated with travel cots and their use. This is why we follow the very important 'Safer Sleep' guidelines set out by The Lullaby Trust:


  • The Trust recommend that “travel cots should have a rigid frame and base, and a firm, flat mattress, covered in a waterproof material.”  They also recommend that “folded blankets or quilts should not be placed under the baby to make them ‘more comfortable’.”

  • The Trust advise that “you should use a firm and flat mattress that is protected by a waterproof cover” and that it should be “in good condition and fit the cot properly.”

  • They also state that “it is safest to have a new mattress for each baby” but recognise that this is not always possible. So in the absence of this they state that the mattress should be “firm and flat with no tears or holes, and is not sagging in places.”


To reassure parents, we:

  1. Provide a travel cot with separate mattress, both are Kite marked/EU standard, and the separate mattress is a perfect fit to the travel cot. 

  2. The mattress is provided with a waterproof cover and fitted sheet (if required). We do not supply extra cot bedding.

  3. The waterproof cover for the cot mattress is always washed between guests. And of course the fitted sheet is always freshly laundered.

  4. Karen personally checks all equipment at every changeover, as well as setting up the travel cot if needed, so we are always sure that it is in perfect condition for guests.


All that being said, guests do have a responsibility to decide what is best for their child, and bring whatever bedding they require. Parents also have a responsibility to check all equipment before using, and ensure they understand how to use it safely (this includes our highchair, bedguards, monitor, etc). Guests are at liberty to bring their own travel cot if they so wish, or provide their own mattress.  We will always communicate with guests in advance of their stay with regard to what they would like supplied.


It is important to reiterate that although we are taking the utmost measures to ensure child and baby safety, there is still a small amount of risk associated with using baby equipment that has been used before. You can read more here in order to make an informed choice for yourself.  Please note that we cannot be held responsible if any issues arise when guests choose to use our equipment rather than bringing their own.

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